Bachelorr’s, A Famous Bombay Eatery Turns 80 plus


A trip to Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai, perpetually implies making a trip for a sandwich or ice cream at Bachelorr’s. It is an unassuming yet well-known roadside diner, which has been a milestone since the 1930s.

Infamous dealer Haji Mastan, is accepted to have frequented the spot as an adolescent in the late 1940s. At night, you will see ostentatious autos stopped outside with clients being served sandwiches, pizza, squeeze and desserts by Bachelorr’s staff.

Furthermore, from VIPs to students, pretty much every Mumbaikar has tasted the juices and frozen yogurts here.

Twenty-seven-year-old Aditya Agarwal, with his younger sibling Himanshu, is presently in charge. They took more than two years back, after their dad, Arun, passed away, making them the third era in the privately-run company.

“Though we frequented this place since childhood, we were drawn to the business seven years ago,” Aditya informs. What began off as a little stall, selling juice, has today transformed into a sorted out business with two additional branches in Mumbai — Mumbai CST and Bandra West.

The siblings have partitioned their duties and together, with their trusted lieutenants, run the show. “No chefs for us. We prefer to hire cooks and train them. Each dish is standardised,” Aditya says candidly.

The nature of the ingredients, including organic products, is the thing that they are specific about. “The brand has been built on customer goodwill and we don’t want to destroy that,” asserts Aditya.


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