Skirts-Over-Pants Trend Makes Its Way, Again


Wearing dresses and skirts over pants is supposedly making a rebound. Moreover, the look is perfectly appropriate for all the indecisive people out there.

One thing we cherish about this pattern is that it’s an ideal blend between generally masculine and female styles. It resembles something which compares to having your cake and eating it, too. You don’t need to settle on a dress and jeans since you can simply wear both. As sexual orientation lines in style are ending up progressively obscured, it appears to be a decent time to give this pattern a go.

Obviously, wearing a skirt or dress over jeans is certifiably not a new thing. In customary Indian dressing, people wear a kurta or kurti (a long, tunic-like top). It is worn over matchings pants and even jeans, for instance. Also, in Vietnam, they have the áo dài, a long gown likewise worn with pants.

In the U.S. during the 1800s, the style made its way into daily life by way of knickers. These were loose jeans worn under tunics and dresses. These permitted ladies more opportunity for mobility than the prohibitive dresses and petticoats of the time. Into the twentieth century, a few ladies were wearing lady nightgown or hostess gowns, which frequently comprised of some kind of robe-like layering over a couple of pants. The combination was intended to be worn inside the house. Stars like Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers were fans.

The way to rock this pattern, all things considered, as indicated by Toronto-based beautician Nadia Pizzimenti, is to play around with contrast. She recommended matching a feminine gown with straight-leg pants.

“It’s also important to let the dress be the star of the show,” she added, noting that “accessories should be minimal in style and shape.”

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