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Selma Blair and her bold colours

Selma Blair and her bold colours

We all know that we can find actress Selma Blair with Black Leather during any day. But she sleeps with brightly coloured pajamas in night. She calls her style “preppy punk.” But the style does not end just with her clothes. It extends till her home decor.

In an interview with ArchDigest.com, we had a chance to peep into Selma Blair’s Los Angeles home. She shared how it is not just a house, She said it is an uplifting place. With her recently diagnosed multiple sclerosis, the place gives her joy during hard times.

She finds daily inspiration in her bedroom. Thanks to the wallpaper which is a navy damask-pattern. Selma Blair said how they technically fans but she considers them as spades. She tells herself that she has these spades and that she’s cool.

The house has four bedrooms and it was purchased five years ago. With the help of her interior designer friend Bryan Wark, she personlised the space.

The have not been afraid of trying pop colors, be it on walls or pops of decor. Selma Blair added that the place came alive when they added bold colors in little spaces.



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