Midwest Floodwaters results in huge losses for crops and livestocks

Midwest Floodwaters

A biggest shocking news has left the world speechless. The Midwest Floodwaters has resulted in crops and livestock losses on a huge scale. The rising water that has damaged hundreds of homes. And there have been the reports that after taking a heavy toll on agriculture, there are death reports. Even inundating thousands of acres, threatening stockpiled grain and killing livestock.

According to the estimation by Jorgenson, “More than a million bushels of corn and nearly half a million bushels of soybeans have been lost. My calculation using local grain prices puts the financial loss at more than $7 million in grain alone. That’s for about 28 farmers in his immediate area,” he said.

“The economy in agriculture is not very good right now. It will end some of these folks farming, family legacies, family farms,” he said. “There will be farmers that will be dealing with so much of a negative they won’t be able to tolerate it.”

Jorgensen has been a farmer since 1998. He even reached out to his friends and they helped him move his grain out of bins to an elevator. If they wouldn’t have supported him, then he could have incurred a loss of $135,000.

Vice President Mike Pence surveyed flooded areas in Nebraska Tuesday. “We’re going to make sure that federal resources are there for you,” Pence told volunteers at Waterloo.

The flooding is expected to continue throughout the week in several states. Moreover, the local government is putting up all the efforts to secure the area and help the people.

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