Michael Miller defiant as demonstrators plan to protest ‘racist’ media


News Corp official director Michael Miller has struck a defiant note against dissenters. They are intending to demonstrate outside the organization’s advertiser roadshow. They would be cautioning advertisers that “being targeted by nameless groups is not a way to plan media”. He also asserted that Sky News remains unaffected by boycotts.

Michael Miller’s remarks come as dissenters intend to organize an exhibition outside the Come Together roadshow in Sydney today. They intend to highlight what they believe to be is the Australian media’s institutional racism.

The protests pursue News Corp, and especially Sky News. They were intensely reprimanded for inclusion over race and religious-based issues with industry fomenter group Sleeping Giants calling for publicists to quit putting spots on the subsciption TV channel.

After the Christchurch terrorist assault on the weekend, the local media distributed the issue of inflammatory content which turned out to be especially delicate. The Australian Communications and Media Authority would propel an examination into coverage of the outrage.

Freelance journalist Alex McKinnon, joint-organiser of the protest, told Mumbrella: ““The aim of today’s protest is to make profits from hate speech unacceptable”.

McKinnon proceeded to state outlets including the Sky News, Daily Mail, and News Corp’s print outlets had made hate speech part of their business model. Furthermore, he reprimanded Seven and the ABC for giving people, for example, Pauline Hanson and Blair Cottrell a stage.

“We hope to wake up people to how profoundly racist the Australian media is,” McKinnon said.

Other organizers of today’s planned protest include GetUp and Sleeping Giants. Neither one of the organizations had reacted to Mumbrella’s solicitations for remarks at the time of production.


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