Man lived with cotton bud stuck in ear for years!

man with cotton buds

A man has apparently lived with cotton bud stuck in his ear for years. Thus, it has led to a dangerous infection. This shows the hazards of using cotton buds to clean the ears.

According to doctors, the lodged cotton bud has led to a necrotizing infection inside his skull. This is the first such known case ever.

An ambulance was called as he experienced seizures. After which he collapsed. Thus, the 31-year-old unnamed man was rushed to a hospital in Coventry, England.

Previously, he had been healthy. Except for on-and-off pain and hearing loss in his left ear. Also, he lost his hearing five years ago after which he was prescribed anti-biotics for severe ear infection.

Four days before his collapse, his usual ear pain escalated to head pain. Apart from headache on the left side he experienced nausea and vomiting. The man with cotton bud said that he has been forgetful about names in recent years.

After scanning his head, two abscesses (pockets of pus) were found. It was present between the surface of his brain and the surrounding protective membrane. There was a filling of “soft-tissue density material” throughout his left ear canal. When under anesthesia,  this material was inspected by doctors. It was found to be an impacted cotton bud was found.


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