Ichiro Suzuki to kick off 28th Major league baseball


On Wednesday, Japan will witness something rarely seen in the sport’s history. An honest-to-goodness middle-aged man on the field. Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais confirmed that 45-year-old outfielder Ichiro Suzuki will be in the lineup. However, this lineup will be for the first of the team’s upcoming two-game series. This series is against the Oakland Athletics.

“Sometimes I am nervous, sometimes anxious,” Ichiro said. Further he added, “but I want to challenge a new world. This is a great gift for me. I will treasure every moment here on the field. One week after this event, I will be reflecting back on these days. So I will make sure I remember every moment here in Japan.”

However, Ichiro was ostensibly retired in 2008. Although, Ichiro has not changed how MLB js played. But he has surely change who can play MLB. In fact, only seven non-pitchers have started a game at a defensive position. The players were past their 45th birthday since 1906, according to Stats LLC.

Ichiro Suzuki’s appearance might sound like little more than a publicity stunt before he says goodbye and awaits his call to Cooperstown. But in reality, it falls in line with baseball’s tradition of old players appearing under unusual circumstances.


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