John Oliver Holler Public Shaming

John Oliver

John Oliver with assist from Monica Lewinsky hollers Public Shaming. Via the Internet and Social Media it’s become easy for people to insult one another.

“Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to pile onto a public shaming,” the host of “Last Week Tonight” said. “In fact, it’s now one of America’s favorite pastimes.”

Recognizing that John Oliver and the writers on his show involve in some public shaming of their own. However, Oliver said that slightly they put attention into the critique and the sufferers.

“Look, let’s be honest. We make fun of people constantly on this show. It’s a comedy show. Although for what it is worth. We do think, probably more carefully than you might imagine, about who we’re making fun of, why we’re doing it and how,” he said. “We ask ourselves questions all the time, like should we use their name, how much power do they have and do they have a soul patch? That last one can be a real deal breaker.”

On social websites, very less attention goes into the criticism of stars and people whose tales have gone viral.

John Oliver while interviewing Monica Lewinsky –

“It was so bizarre. I mean it was just, it was, I say, extraordinary, not with any positive connotation. However, I think it was not only just the slut shaming. There was just also my looks. … Part of my vanity now comes from just the wound of having been made fun of for my weight, for, you know, people saying I was unattractive. And it was terrifying. … Not to say that I wasn’t flawed and you know that I didn’t make terrible mistakes or do stupid things or say stupid things, because of course I did.”


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