Shah Faesal’s one step forward to resolve the Kashmir issue


Shah Faesal, former IAS officer to move one step forward towards the benefits for Jammu & Kashmir population. He launched his political gesture called as ‘Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement’ (JKPM) in Srinagar. Its motto is to provide youth-oriented politics and help fill the gap between the state and the Centre and India and Pakistan.
He described all his objectives and expectations of the movement. He said in his speech, “ Our party shall pursue peaceful solution of Kashmir problem as per the will and aspirations of the people Jammu & Kashmir and with dignity and respect. As a mainstream political party, I want to make it clear to you. Solution to Kashmir issue is finally an issue between Pakistan and India”.

“I do not say there will be an overnight miracle, the road ahead is long. We can facilitate and become the voice to bridge the gap between two countries and also between Delhi and Srinagar.” There was a grand launch of Shah Faesal’s party. Activist Shehla Rashid also announced that she had also joined this party.

After giving his resignation in January, in the mean time, Faesal researched a lot about doing this kind of revolution. For this, he had taken a lot of advice from young achievers, activists and theirsupporterst. He is really looking forward to this initiative and hence believes that something good might come out of this.


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