Kyle Massey Sued for Allegedly Sending Profane Texts to a Minor


Kyle Massey, a former Disney Star, is being sued for $1.5 million. He is being sued for purportedly “attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor.”

Filed anonymously, the suit refers to the accuser as Jane Doe. She is purportedly a minor and kept her name out of it because of “the highly sensitive and personal nature of the subject matter”. Her mom, Anne Doe filed on her behalf, as per court reports acquired by E! News.

Jane and Anne Doe claim that their association with Kyle Massey goes back to when Jane was 4-years of age. They allegedly met him at Universal City. As per the claim, the 27-year-old on-screen character supposedly “maintained contact” with Anne and her family and turned into a “father figure” to Jane.

The little girl purportedly wanted to seek after a profession in the entertainment industry. So Massey, as per the claim, “would offer to use his success and influence in the entertainment industry” to help her out.

Jane Doe supposedly reached out to Massey when she was 13. She allegedly messaged him and said she would “LOVE to audition” for his show Cory in the House. The suit affirms that Massey offered to fly Jane out and have her live with him.

Massey allegedly called Jane “so sweet and so beautiful” in a text to Anne. “I’ll take care of her,” he allegedly wrote.

As per the lawsuit, things started to escalate when Massey allegedly “began to send Jane Doe numerous sexually explicit text messages, images, and recordings.” These allegedly include videos of Massey’s girlfriend as well as “a Snapchat image of Massey holding his penis” as well as other “profane” texts.

Jane was purportedly 13 at the time and Massey 27.


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