Joe Biden tongue slips out to give a hint for his candidacy


On Saturday night, former vice president Joe Biden experiences a slip of tongue. This might have given a hint for his presidential bid. Former vice president was addressing a dinner of 1,000 Democrats on Saturday. Joe Biden came close to announcing his presidential candidacy on the dinner. More,over he told Delaware Democrats he has the “most progressive record of anybody running.” The politician then quickly backtracked, saying he meant to say “anybody who would run,”

Furthermore, He was addressing at the First State Democratic Dinner at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover. He spoke as the event’s keynote speaker. Although he didn’t officially announce his 2020 candidacy. However, his speech sounded like one. “We’re living in the battle for the soul of America,” Biden said. “We have an overwhelming need to restore the backbone of America.”

Moreover, this past week, U.S. Senator Chris Coons said he is “confident” Biden will run for president. He even alluded the possible Biden campaign themes. Throughout his speech on Saturday night, people in the crowd yelled, and pleaded, “Run, Joe, run!”.

Furthermore, Biden was emotional when he took the podium in Dover. Wiping his eyes as he thanked the crowd of hundreds. This is for keeping the memory of his son and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden alive.


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