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Enormous pro-Catalan rally organized in Madrid

Enormous pro-Catalan rally organized in Madrid

The rally of pro-Catalans expressing their views on Self Discrimination. Conveying it not as a crime. Moreover, the rally is to be organised in Madrid.

Tens of thousands of followers of Catalan Independence have rallied in Spain’s capital Madrid. They protest at an open-ended trial of 12 dissident leaders.

People wielded Catalan flags and had posters conveying “Self-determination is not a crime”.

Pro -Catalan Rally organizers said 120,000 people drilled in Madrid. However, the Spanish authorities numbered the people around 18,000 only.

However, the separatist leaders of Catalonia’s failed 2017 independence bid face rebellion and sedition charges.

If condemned, some could face up to 25 years in penitentiary.

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What Exactly was Saturday’s rally about?

The Pro-Catalan rally was organised by more than 60 civil society groups of Spain.

More than hundred buses were arranged to assist people to Madrid from Catalonia and other regions.

The protesters then drilled from the Atocha train station to the Plaza de Cibeles.

However, there have been no reports of any violence.

What’s the history to this?

The semi-sovereign north-eastern region of Catalonia grasped an independence vote on 1 October 2017. Further, they announced its independence from Spain weeks later.

Spanish authorities announced the Catalan vote illicit. The national government inflicted direct rule.

Spain’s 1978 constitution conveys of “the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation”.

Since the reign of tyrant Francisco Franco, who died in 1975, this is the most serious thing to hit Spain.


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