Deported veteran fighting to return home

Deported veteran fighting

Deported Military Veteran Ivon Ocon fighting his way along to return home after being deported from the country he protected.

Although, he was born in Mexican border city. But, it’s hard to imagine anyone feeling less at home in the place of their birth than he does.

“Life is cheap down here,” he says. “It’s better to be home, safe, don’t go out.”

Ocon always considers himself an American. While, growing up in Las Cruces, he graduated from Oñate High School. His mother and daughter are still living in the city.

However, he is very desperate to return to the United States, but he can’t even visit.

From his front patio, Ocon can look north and see the skyline of El Paso. The star that is lighted at night on the slopes of the Franklin Mountains. That view augments his desire to return to the United States.

“I don’t belong here,” he says. “My whole life was over there — all my friends, all my family. Everything is over there. That’s where I should be.”

Ivan Occon served the United States for seven years as a member of the U.S. Army. He represented it in overseas war zones.

He risked his life for the country he swore to protect but he still not considered as a U.S.   citizen.

“If we’re veterans we should be treated like veterans,” Ocon says. “We should be able to get citizenship. Yeah, we broke the law, but at the same time, once a U.S. citizen pays his debt to society he goes back on the street.

“We were willing to die for our country. We paid for our crimes. Our mistakes shouldn’t define the rest of our lives.”

The only way Ocon could return, if he is pardoned.




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