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Christchurch Terror Attack leaves Five Indians Dead

Christchurch Terror Attack leaves Five Indians Dead

Five Indians were among the 50 individuals killed by a shooter in the Christchurch terror attack. He opened fire on the worshippers in Christchurch. It is considered as the worst attack on Muslims in New Zealand, the Indian High Commission said on Sunday.

The assailant was identified by specialists as Australia-born Brenton Tarrant, 28. Moreover, as per the reports, he focused on immigrants during Friday prayers. Witnesses said that the victims were shot at short proximity.

The High Commission affirmed on Sunday that five Indians were killed in the assault.

“With a very heavy heart we share the news of loss of precious lives of our 5 nationals in ghastly terror attack in #Christchurch,” it tweeted.

It recognized them as: Maheboob Khokhar; Asif Vora; Ramiz Vora; Ansi Alibava; and Ozair Kadir.

In another tweet later, the High Commission told that Migration NZ has set up a committed site page. It was done to speed up visa for relatives of Christchurch terror attack’s victims

On Friday, soon after the assault, India’s High Commissioner in New Zealand Sanjiv Kohli had tweeted that “there are 9 missing persons of Indian nationality/origin”. But, he had added, official confirmation was awaited.

The High Commission said its helpline numbers — 021803899 and 021850033 — will stay accessible nonstop to help families of the those affected by the assault.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi communicated India’s solidarity with the people of New Zealand. He said that hatred, disdain, and violence have no spot in democratic nations.

Moreover, around 200,000 Indian and Indian-origin individuals reside in New Zealand. In addition to that, more than 30,000 of them are understudies, as per the Indian High Commission’s information accessible on its site.


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