British Passenger humiliated for “Inappropriate Attire”


A British Airplane has called for an apology in the wake of threatening to eject a 21-year-old British passenger. It happened because a cabin crew deemed her attire to be ‘inappropriate’ which caused ‘offense’.

Emily O’Connor was travelling from Birmingham Air terminal in England to the Canary Islands early this month. She was travelling in Thomas Cook Airlines. She asked fellow travelers on the plane if they were offended by her attire. Nobody said yes, CNN revealed. She was wearing high-waisted pants and a trimmed top with spaghetti lashes.

“It was so mortifying,” the British woman told Yahoo UK. “I was so upset. They could clearly see that, yet they continued to note how inappropriate and offensive I was. I was really close to crying.” Furthermore, O’Connor said she felt humiliated when the occurrence was announced on the plane’s speakers.

At last, she was allowed to stay when a cousin sitting somewhere else on the plane gave her a coat to wear.

O’Connor said Thursday on English television that she wasn’t wearing a coat when she loaded onto the plane. “I was hot, which is what I said to them.” Moreover, she also noticed that a man was wearing only a vest and shorts on the plane. He was not asked for by the cabin crew.

A Thomas Cook delegate has allegedly contacted O’Connor to apologize. However, he also stated that the carrier’s “appropriate clothing” policy applies to everybody.

“We are sorry that we upset Ms. O’Connor,” the airline said in a statement to Yahoo. “It’s clear we could have handled the situation better.”

A few people reacting to O’Connor’s Twitter posts defended her. Furthermore, some said that men wearing far less have not been confronted.


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