Andrew Gurza comes up With a Hashtag for the Disabled


Sex is a serious business for Andrew Gurza. He advocates for impaired people through his work as a disability awareness specialist. He endeavors to abolish stigma about disability, including its pertinence with sexuality.

Presently he has another venture that may be his hottest yet.

Gurza, who uses a wheelchair, was looking and scrolling down through Twitter. Then, he thought of #DisabledPeopleAreHot after realising that the expression had never been used as a hashtag. He posted a photograph of himself inscribed with the hashtag and urged others to do likewise.

By morning, the expression was trending — and has been as far back as when it was launched on Feb. 19.

Moreover, he also hoped the hashtag to accomplish more than the intended purpose. Also, he wanted people to know about his sex life.

For what reason do you think individuals had such a solid response to this hashtag?

I think individuals with disabilities need a spot to feel hot, arousing and fun. However, we feel that the hashtag is more than just about hotness. It actually says, ‘Be disabled and be proud.’

For what reason do you think this sort of movement is essential?

We need hashtags like the ones made by Andrew Gurza. Also, Keah Dark created one hastag couple of years ago [#DisabledAndCute]. Such hashtags make the disabled feel good about themselves.

“A lot of times in disability politics people say ‘Oh, you should see the person first, not the disability.’ And I basically say f**k that. Why can’t you see a disabled person? That’s what this hashtag is really trying to do.”, says Andrew Gurza.


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