NASA Head Says That The First Person On Mars “Likely To Be A Woman”


The chances are that the first person to land on the red planet will be a woman, said by the head of NASA recently.
The guest on the science and technology radio show “Science Friday,” was Jim Bridenstine.
He also teased that a woman is “likely to be” the first person on Mars.
Therefore, no person was identified by NASA. It was said women are at the cutting edge of the agency’s plans which are upcoming.

Bridenstine responded “absolutely” to a question which came from the Twitter user. He asked whether women will be included in the agency’s next trip to the moon or not.
In fact, he said the next person on the moon is also likely to be a woman.
“These are great days,” he said. Its first all-female spacewalk will be there at NASA at the end of the month.
While the astronauts will get to float up around in space.

Similarly, McClain and Koch were a part of the 2013 astronaut class. Here, half of them were women. From the second largest applicant pool NASA ever has received more than 6,100. Nasa said that the recent class of flight directors was even 50%.
Way since 1978, Nasa has come across with the six women joining the corps.
According to the agency, women comprise 34% of active NASA astronauts.
“NASA is committed to making sure we have a broad and diverse set of talent and we’re looking forward to the first woman on the moon,” Bridenstine said.

Happy National Women’s Month!!


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