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World’s shortest motorway constructed to humiliate

World’s shortest motorway constructed to humiliate

The World’s shortest motorway constructed in North Eastern Romania. This was a protest against nation’s inferior highway infrastructure.

Stefan Mandachi was the one behind world’s shortest motorway construction. Stefan only funded the project. The cost of the project was £3,800.

Further, the movement lasted for weeks with the intention of causing a fuss, and it came to an end  on Friday.

Moreover, Romania has one of the word’s shortest motorway grid in the European Union. However, the motorway is just 806km (500 miles) throughout the entire country. This in spite of having a land mass almost equal to that of the UK.

Chilling in the hotel he owns, just a few kilometres from the new road, Mr Mandachi explained his thinking.

“We want to unify the population, we have an ideal – to have motorways,” he told the BBC.

Further, his motorway was constructed on a plot he owns. It was constructed in Suceava, where there are no trace of motorway at all.

“I feel that we are united,” shouted Mr Mandachi above a din of honking horns. “I’ve never lived through a moment of such solidarity amongst all Romanians.”

Mr Mandachi ran an threatening campaign called “Romania wants Motorways.” He questioned his citizens to protest with him by stopping work for 15 minutes on Friday. As on Friday he will inaugurate his road.

Further, the movement has led to important debate across the nation.

However, according to Mr Ciurea, poor roads cost Romania’s economy billions every year. “We estimate that around 2% of Romania’s GDP is lost on road access,” he says. “That’s huge.”

“When all regions of the country are connected by motorways. Our customers will get their products faster, with lower delivery costs,” said the firm’s country manager Alex Bratu.



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