8 Years of War leaves Syrians With Tales of Loss and Hope


In Syria, eight years of a pounding struggle has been going on. There are as many accounts of misfortune, dispossession and frantic hopes as there are people.

It all began as peaceful protests in Syria in 2011 requesting government for change. However, it transformed into one of the most brutal modern wars and left a trail of broken lives among the nation’s pre-war populace of 23 million. Presently, half are displaced, about a large portion of the population is dead and many live with irreparable scars. Some have even joined the militias

The long-lasting war has left its blemish on Dia Hassakeh’s 45-year old face. The Middle Easterner fighter in the Kurdish-led U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces has seen his family endure the pain.

The early days of conflict in Syria saw two of his siblings injured while battling in the government military against the armed resistance. In November, another sibling was slaughtered by the Islamic State group. Presently Dia is battling the resistance at IS’ last holdout, a bit of an area along the Euphrates Stream close to the Iraqi border.

“As Syrians, every citizen has paid the price,” he said, speaking just outside Baghouz. He took the name of the place where he grew up, i.e., Hassakeh.

While the Islamic State’s defeat will close one gory chapter, Syria is still wracked by struggle on the eighth anniversary of its long-running civil war.

The President of Syria Bashar Assad’s administration seems to have won the war against the insurrection endeavoring to topple him. Be that as it may, a significant part of the nation is out of Assad’s hands. The northeast and east, wrested from IS, is to a great extent held by the U.S.- backed Kurdish-led powers. This makes them lead lives with uncertain fates.


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