Sam Smith talks about Gender identity and Body image

Sam Smith

Sam Smith was the inaugural guest of the “I Weigh” movement by Jameela Jamil’s. In an Instagram interview series by Jamil, Smith talks about a lot of personal issues. He sheds light on his gender identity and his struggles with self-image.

He said in the interview that he identified himself as genderqueer and nonbinary. It is because of hearing stories of other nonconforming individuals. He said that he was able to relate to their stories.

He also explained that nonbinary, genderqueer means you do not identify as a gender. “You are just you,” said Smith.

Smith said that he does not consider himself as a male or female. He added that he floats somewhere in between. It is all on the spectrum, said Smith.

Smith has also been very vocal about his struggles with body image. He lost 50 pounds before the release of his 2017 album. But he was still having issues with his body image.

He said that he has been bullied about having breasts. Smith revealed that he went through liposuction when he was 12.

Although Smith gained the weight in two weeks that he lost through the surgery, it was  big deal. He said he was happy about the surgery but did not figure out his relationship with food.

Smith expressed that it felt weird to talk about this as men do not easily talk about their body unlike women.



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