New Zealand shooter flashes white power sign in court

New Zealand Shooter

The New Zealand shooter who is the reason behind the mass shooting in Christchurch had his first court hearing. He appeared to flash a sign of white power during his first court appearance on Saturday.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a 28-year-old is from Australia. He reportedly smirked and used his shackled right hand to make “Ok” symbol. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that it has been accepted by the white nationalists, Klamsmen and neo-nazis in recent years. It was used in the early days as an online trolling hoax.

The SPLC also added that the sign can possibly have multiple meanings.

According to the SPLC, when someone splashes the ‘Ok sign’ along with that smirk, it is not to be dismissed as an harmless act. It could be a white nationalist attempting to make a sly signal, said SPLC. But it is sure that the user can be identified as a troll from that symbol.

The shooter posted a manifesto online and it includes multiple instances of trolling that was quite apparent.

The New Zealand shooter was charged with one count of murder. Where as, he has killed at least 49 people during his mass shooting in the mosque. He will be facing further possible chargers. Also, he will stay in custody until his next court hearing. It is scheduled to happen on April 5.




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