Mama June Shannon, A reality TV star arrested for possession of drugs


Reality TV star Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested. This took place in Alabama earlier this week. The couple were busted for the charges of drug possession which is followed by domestic dispute. The reality star may be facing serious charges. Because of the consequence as she was found with a white powder. Later on she admitted was crack cocaine during her drug arrest.

Moreover, Mama June Shannon was also found with drug paraphernalia. It included a needle and a pipe containing a white residue. After her release a recording of Shannon, 39, speaking to a tow truck service. Accordingly this recording was obtained by TMZ. Seems like to depict her in a manic state. This is when she tried to explain her situation and get her car out of impound.

Further more, Police reports detailing the incident say the drugs and accompanying paraphenilia were found. Moreover, Doak was being also being searched while searching their truck. He warned authorities not to reach into his pocket as they might get ‘sticked’. Cops then found a needle on his person. They also found a glass pipe with white residue on it in the pocket of June’s track suit.

During her Wednesday arrest, June was spotted in the back of a sheriff’s pickup truck with bars on the windows. She was taken to jail following the incident.

Shannon came to attention on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo reality TV series. Later on he appeared on From Not To Hot, which spotlighted a makeover. Moreover the makeover included losing 300 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery.


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