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Joe Biden’s footsteps to becoming the next Obama

Joe Biden’s footsteps to becoming the next Obama

Joe Biden, the former Vice President entered the stage in a Capitol Hill hotel basement to the music of “We Take Care of Our Own” along with a standing ovation from over 1,000 firefighters who held “Run Joe Run” signs.

May be, you do not understand the reference here. But it was to the same song that Obama walked out of his successful 2012 re-election bid. Biden spoke for 20-minutes to address the International Association of Fire Fighters, but not once did he mention Obama’s name. But he sure hopes that you remember the connection.

It was found that more than half of the candidates seeking to take Donald Trump’s post claims to be the next Obama. This number is double the number of candidates who claim to be “progressive”. It is not surprising as Obama is still the most famous face of the democracy. But Biden is in his own league. He is the only contestant that has been partners with Obama.

Biden is expected to launch his official presidential bid soon. He is 76 and may be he does seem like the most progressive candidate. But Biden was chosen to be the vice-president by Obama. That still serves as shield for Biden from any critiques.



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