Dead Husband’s Wife gives Birth to a Baby


Mercedes is a 25-year-old mother without a husband.

Moreover, she had her child through a procedure named post-mortem sperm retrieval.
Around one of about 20 women in the United States have had a child through this procedure.
Firstly, she and her husband had planned to have a family before his life was ended. His life was ended by a car accident.

Her husband was in the military. He always had a thought that his line of work will take him to death someday. So, when he was just 23 he bought up an idea of Cryopreservation of his tissue.
However, he wrote a page of his wishes and signed with dates on it. Mercedes always had a thought that they were too young for it.
The legal procedure of post-mortem sperm retrieval is complicated but the gist says you can go for it.

Eventually, after calling up several doctors, Mercedes found Dr. Cappy Rothman who agreed to do the procedure.
The doctor is famous for being the first person to do post-mortem in the late 1970s.
Similarly, when he developed the procedure in 70s, he figured out that there were 3 options to do this .1) inject the spinal column with neostigmine to cause the body to spasm and maybe ejaculate.2) remove all of the tissue where sperm reside. 3) to manually stimulate.
With the help of Rothman, Mercedes was able to get pregnant .she gave birth to a baby boy who was healthy in Sept 2016, after a year to his death.


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