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F1 Legend Mark Webber Calls For Increase In Road Speed Limits

Australian Formula One(F1) legend Mark Webber believes that the speed limits of the roads need some elevation. One of the major things that he believe is that our drivers could be more efficient. He even believes that speed limits could also help clear congestion.

Webber said in an interview, “If you drove from Sydney to Melbourne at 40km/h you would probably crash, you would fall asleep.” “But if you can go a little bit quicker — I’m saying 10 or 15 percent quicker — maybe there is something there,” he added.

Webber even asserted that drivers aren’t engaged with driving their cars due to low-speed limits. He said, “It is no surprise bored drivers reach for their mobile phones because our speed limits are so slow.”

After starting his career in Australia racing Formula Ford and Formula F4000, Mark Webber came over to Britain in 1996 and won the Formula Ford Festival. In 1997 he raced in British Formula Three, finishing the year fourth for Alan Docking Racing. In 1998, he joined Mercedes to contest the FIA GT championship and was runner-up with five wins.

Although, Webber was confined more to the driver’s abilities and what all improvements are needed. Right now, Webber is in Melbourne gearing up for the Australian Grand Prix.

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