Australian senator egged and he striked back

Australian Senator

An Australian senator who blamed the Muslim immigration as the reason of the Friday’s shooting in New Zealand was egged. He was egged by a 17-year-old and the senator struck back the teenager in the head.

The egger was arrested for a brief time and was released again. But there are no charges held against the youngster. There are pending further inquiries.

Videos shared online shows Fraser Anning aiming two strikes at the teenager at an event in Melbourne. Anning is a far-right lawmaker. Later, the unidentified boy was tackled by the supporters of Anning.

Anning has a history of Islamophobia. Also, he sparked an outrage with a statement that he released after the mass shooting. The white supremacist gunman killed at least 49 people in two mosques.

The Australian senator said in the statement that the immigration program was the real cause of the attack. He called Muslims as “fanatics” and said they should not have migrated to New Zealand.

In response to the statement of Anning, Scott Morrison, the Austalian Prime Minister shared a tweet. In the tweet, he said that the comments of Anning was “disgusting”. He added that Anning does not have a place in Australia, let alone the Australian Parliament.



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