Addiction Of ‘The Cry’

'The Cry'

The British Television mystery drama series, The Cry is in the news everywhere. It is written by Jacquelin Perske and adapted from the novel of the same name by Helen Fitz Gerald. The series stars Jenna Coleman as Joanna Lyndsay, a schoolteacher and her fiancé Alistair (Ewen Leslie). The story is about the missing baby son whilst the parents are visiting the family in Australia.

The series was directed by Glendyn Ivin and produced by Synchronicity Films. Basically, the shoe has been directed towards depicting their relationship collapses. It also shows the disintegration of a psychological state.

Although, it’s a mystery drama series but it is more focused on the relationship issues.

The first episode opens with a court scene where schoolteacher Joanna Lyndsay begins to recount her life as a troubled parent and partner via flashbacks.  In one of these flashbacks, her Australian fiancé, Alistair, receives word that his ex-wife in Australia is preparing a custody battle over his teenage daughter Chloe. Reluctantly, Joanna decides to travel with him, bringing their infant son Noah. On the flight to Australia, Joanna lashes out at a passenger when complaints of Noah’s crying get out of hand. After landing, Alistair and Joanna continue their journey by car, stopping at a shop to buy supplies. When they return to the car, Noah has mysteriously disappeared.

So, we can witness everything from the first episode itself. The major factor for addiction arises from the flashbacks being produced. Sometimes, the flashbacks are extremely eye-catching and prolific. Hence, we could say that Ivin has perfectly clubbed pieces into a magnetic form of art taking shape as a tv series.



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