Seton Hall’s Shadeen Samuels reaps Big East Dignity

Shadeen Samuels

Seton Hall’s Shadeen Samuels is a phenomenal baller, leading her to receive Big East dignity.She earned the Big East Most Improved Player award. The Seton Hall University’s women’s basketball course experienced an year of exciting and new creations.The outstanding player for the Pirates was their junior forward Shadeen Samuels. She ended the regular season averaging 18.3 points and 8.6 rebounds per game. That’s huge!

For the closing week of league play, Samuels received Big East Women’s Basketball Player of the Week award. She also listed in the All-Conference First Team.

“It’s kind of exciting. I give a lot of credit to my teammates because they put a lot of effort in and they have a lot of confidence in me. It makes everything a lot better.” –  Samuels

“Even my teammates have said they’ve seen a side of me this year that they never thought they’d see,” said Samuels.

She is very motivated. “I’m changing. Maybe next year I’ll be more of a vocal leader. We’ll work on that.” – Samuels.

She also contributes herself to social work. She wants the society to be developed. A criminal justice major, Samuels is also working on two minors, social work and sociology.

“We’ve had new people join the team, and for them it’s not easy coming to a new team,” Samuels said. “We try our best to make everyone feel at home. Doing that in the beginning made everyone a lot more comfortable with each other. We all became one big family. Everything we do, we support each other.”


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