Lego Batman’s Ralph Fiennes expresses his love to play Alfred In Live-Action


Ralph Fiennes has officially accepted his role as Alfred in LEGO form. However, does he really need to try his hand at live-action? Well, the answer turns out to be an obvious yes.

Moreover, Ralph Fiennes has made his intentions quite clear. He would totally love to play the character in real life. Also, taking into account how indistinct Batman’s future in the DCEU is, presently is a decent time to make those ambitions known.

Fiennes was recently interviewed on the red carpet. He was asked whether he would want to take a turn at playing Alfred. “A lot of good people have gone before me. I’d be happy to follow in their footsteps!” He then looked in the camera and pointed, saying, “Put that out there! Alfred!”

The Batman is purportedly going for a more youthful variant of the caped crusader. Thus, a change in Alfreds is basically inevitable. In light of that, seeing Ralph Fiennes in the job would be entirely impeccable. While he couldn’t play it as humorous, he positively has enough of an acting resume. This could thus make him take the character seriously.

Ralph Fiennes voiced the job of Alfred in The Lego Batman Film. He had some extremely funny minutes with the title character. One extremely clever scene included him referencing each and every movie’s adaptation of Batman. So, he’s ready to pay regards to the past Alfreds like Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine, Alan Napier, and Michael Gough.

For now, it’s just a fun dream to bat around and ponder.


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