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The Glorious transformation of Adelaide’s Pirie St. into 1978 Cape Town for Daniel Radcliffe’s movie Escape from Pretoria

Now, this is something genuinely eye-catching because it happens once in a blue moon when we see the transformation like this. And this time we are talking about Adelaide’s Pirie St, which has been transformed into 1978 Cape Town as filming continues for a prison break drama starring Daniel Radcliffe.

A huge gathering of the fans was spotted at both ends of the set, anticipating to catch a glimpse of the Danielle, who has a lead role in Escape from Pretoria, a film inspired by a real prison escape in the late 1970s.

Radcliffe is portraying the role of Tim Jenkin, a white South African activist imprisoned for working with the African National Congress, who breaks out of the brutal Robben Island Prison.

British-Australian Daniel Webber is also playing a role alongside him. He will be seen playing the role of fellow anti-apartheid activist Stephen Lee. The film is being directed by Francis Annan who is also known for The Longest Drive.

One of the fans who is Visual effects student Ayden Reynolds, 22, was very amazed.

“You have to imagine, behind the scenes. They’ll have to take out all these crowds and change the buildings as well.”

“It will be interesting to see the movie,” he said.

“I didn’t know the shooting was today and I was walking past going to work and I was like,‘oh it’s today,” said another fan, Angelina Deng.

Later on, Security Guards do make sure that there were no disruptions caused by the fans during the filming of the scenes.

So, a spectacular release is coming all the way very soon.

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