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The Colorado blizzard is called a ‘bomb cyclone.’ Is it true?

The Colorado blizzard is called a ‘bomb cyclone.’ Is it true?

We updated this story at 10 a.m. Wednesday as atmospheric pressure shifted and today’s blizzard reached “bomb cyclone” status. “Bomb cyclone” Is something people are the calling the powerful blizzard heads to Colorado on Wednesday. Are they right? Yes. A bomb cyclone is something an actual meteorological phenomenon which describes a storm with plummeting atmospheric pressure. When pressure drops by 24 millibars in 24 hours that predicts we’ve got a bomb cyclone on our hands. This has already happened at both Denver International Airport and Northern Colorado Regional Airport.

Colorado public radio has already devoted a whole website answering to all those bomb cyclone questions. The station is updating the page every 5 minutes. In Colorado, this Low-pressure storms are very rare and known for creating fierce and intense snowfall and fierce winds.

The National Weather Service predicts winds guts up to 75 mph and 5 to 10 Inches of snow. From 10 a.m. to midnight Fort Collins, Loveland, Hereford, and Nunn are under a blizzard warning. The weather services have also advised travellers across Colorado’s mountains and eastern plains consider cancelling their trips because conditions will “deteriorate quickly” late this morning or early afternoon. Road closures, power outages and extensive tree damage are all likely to occur today.

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