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Lifetime Movie sweetheart in parent-college Bribery Scam: Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin is charged and faces arrest for knowingly engaged in a parent-college bribery scam to her children into an elite college. Money wasn’t the problem for Lori Loughlin. People write, “Lori Loughlin allegedly gave $500,000 to say her child was part of the rowing team when that was not true.”

It was announced by the U.S attorney that actress Lori Loughlin. Was among a “catalogue of wealthy and privileged” people who were supposed to be paid a large sum of cash to fraudster William Rick Singer to help their children cheat and beat the college system of entry by using a college admission scheme of bribery.

The scam involved cheating on the ACT or SAT entrance exams and bribing of coaches to accept children under false pretenses. It was an elaborate scheme and that the largest Department of justice has been ever prosecuted.
It is very complicated to gain entrance into an Ivy League school by passing the exam. The fee is not that affordable so even if you pass the exam. Many of the parents fail to submit up the fee for their child’s education.

U.S attorney Andrew seemed disgusted while it was discussed how hardworking parents try to afford the fee to get their kids admission into these elite schools.
“Loughlin’s daughter caught some flak last year when she posted a video about starting college. She stated, “I don’t really care about school,” and explained she was excited about partying and game days mostly — which angered viewers who commented, calling her “spoiled” and “privileged.” She later apologized for her “super ignorant and stupid” comments.”

In 2017, Lori Loughlin’s daughter was involved in a car crash. Lori Loughlin denied her daughter was filming herself for a YouTube video just before the crash.

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