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Lee letter: Sign of Commercial Use?

Lee letter: Sign of Commercial Use?

“To Kill a Mockingbird” creator Harper Lee railed against her Alabama main residence for endeavoring to misuse her achievement in a letter that clarifies later fights in court including commercialization of her novel.

The essayist’s harsh evaluation of Monroeville arrived in a three-page letter that is being sold with different things by the London-based Bonhams barters. Lee utilized Monroeville as the model for anecdotal Maycomb, Alabama, in her Pulitzer Prize-winning book about racial unfairness in the Jim Crow South.

Be that as it may, in a letter she kept in touch with a companion in 1993, Lee griped brutally about the town. Beside the letter, the closeout incorporates a few portrays by Lee and a marked first release of “Mockingbird.” The author passed away in the year 2016. Alluding to an ignoble Southern family highlighted in some of William Faulkner’s works, Lee expressed: “You recall the Faulknerian prediction — the Snopeses will acquire basically everything? They’ve officially taken over Monroeville”. What was at one time a small town of impressive character is presently multiple times its size and populated by shocking individuals. Think about what: They are attempting to transform Harper Lee into a vacation destination like Graceland and Elvis Presley.


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