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Late-Night shows are too political: Jay Leno Jay Leno, the former host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” said Tuesday that late-night television has gotten too Political.

On “Today” the 68-year-old was there and was asked about the affairs of the current state when it came to the late-night talk shows.
“It’s different,” Leno said. “I don’t miss it. You know, everything now is, if people don’t like your politics, they — everyone has to know your politics.

“I kind of used [Johnny Carson’s] model. People couldn’t figure out. ‘Well, you and your Republican friends’ or ‘Well, Mr. Leno, you and your Democratic buddies.’ And I would get hate mail from both sides equally.”
Leno added “it just makes it tough” when viewers see late-night hosts having a specific political opinion.

The late night shows often things political undertones, with the hosts bashing routinely President Donald Trump and his administration.
Trump has pushed back on some of the jokes about him too. Leno said things that have gotten too serious on a stage that is supposed to be funny and light-hearted.

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