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John Capparelli-Criminal becomes the victim

John Capparelli, a 70-year-old, bald, former wrestler from New Jersey was found dead in Nevada. The Henderson police found him dead. They claim He lived there since 2016. He had been shot through the neck. The death was a homicide.

Robert Hoatson, the head of sexual abuse survivor nonprofit Road to Recovery who has treated some of the ex-priest’s alleged victims, told USA Today. “That’s not the way we want people to be handled. We want them to go through the proper procedures. We hope the victims are taking care of themselves and that the murderer is brought to justice.”

Little background history on John leads us to his dark past. Capparelli had been accused by at least two-dozen men of sexual misconduct. The allegations included groping and forcing young men to wrestle in swimsuits while he photographed the encounters. He was a priest from 1980-1992 until he was suspended.

He then began his career as a school teacher. But because of his actions, that also ended. Earlier last month, Capparelli was one of the 188 members of New Jersey’s five Catholic of the clergy who were “credibly accused” of child abuse.

He had many accusers. When the complaints did not stop, he sent to a New Mexico treatment center that specialized in alcoholism and pedophilia. After he was suspended, 24 more accusers stepped up with allegation against John. Later his certificate for teaching was revoked by the Government.

There is no more news about his murder case. The police are expected to release details soon.

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