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Dog Lacerates Therapy Alpacas, Owner shoots Atrocious Attack Instead Of Assisting

A dog mangled two therapy alpacas in Giralang. A suburb of the Belconnen district of Canberra, Australia, and the scene was filmed by the dog’s owner.
Nils Lantzke(Alpaca Therapy founder) was grief-stricken by the incident while talking Australian Broadcasting Corporation News.

Lantzke said the attack left one of the alpaca’s both of the front legs broken. The dog purportedly sliced the animal to the bone and induced serious injuries that she had to be killed mercifully and later a vet was summoned.
The most traumatizing thing was that the owner was filming the whole incident instead of stopping his pet.

“The dog launched into Hercules first. He’s still a young one and he went into classic attack mode on his hind legs with his front legs folded up. I was yelling at the bloke but he wouldn’t do anything, he had his phone out,” Lantzke said.
“I was screaming at him, ‘get your dog off the alpacas!’ He didn’t. I said, ‘call him [the dog] back’ and he just didn’t do anything,” Lantzke added.

Talking about Mimosa, the alpaca that was mercifully killed after the incident. Lantzke said: “She was like my daughter and Hercules is my adopted son. I bought her six years ago and she was wild as anything. I suggested to the owner that if I trained her for therapy work, she’d be more saleable, but after I’d worked with her I didn’t want her to go to another home, so I put her on layby and bought her as a Christmas present to myself.”

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