The spectacular rumors about Aniston and Bullock

aniston bullock

The friendship between Jennifer Aniston has always been considered or rumored falsely taking in account many stories. The way Gossip has presented their stories in a ruptured manner and several bogus claims have also been mentioned many times.

Let’s check out some of the wrong rumors.

In January, there was news mentioned by Gossip Cop that Aniston is using Bullock as her life coach was intimidating among the readers of the magazine. The magazine mentioned that the actress was relying on her friend to be her therapist after getting a divorce from Justin Theroux. As, it was a story from an anonymous source but Aniston’s own rep denied this one on the record and claimed it as a staged scenario.

The most eye-catching news in the magazine was that Bullock was encouraging Aniston to adopt a baby. This thing spread like a wildfire but the truth was that Bullock never tried to guided Aniston through the adoption process.

It was November 2017, and another one came into account that Aniston was trying to convince Bullock to marry her boyfriend Bryan Randall. It was clearly mentioned in the article Bullock turned to her for advice regarding the idea of marrying the photographer. And once again, the rep came to rescue and cleary defined that it was completely untrue. Now, it’s been more than a year but no sign of marriage or something like this.

Gossip Cop decided not to leave these actresses at any cost. They busted Radar Online for wrong reports regarding the team up of the Aniston and Bullock with Cameron Diaz to star in “the mother of all chick comedies.” The news was that they were putting their differences aside to take advantage of starring in the movie that could be a big game changer for them. Once again, the rep assured that the actresses were sorted among each other and there was no feud found. And once again, it was proven that they never starred in chick comedy with Diaz.

So, the final verdict is that Gossip Cop is more into gossips rather than working like a research magazine. Now, let’s see if there is anything coming from their end or not.


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