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The Apprehensive Coming Back Of The SXSW Is Out

The Apprehensive Coming Back Of The SXSW Is Out

The most surprising thing about SXSW release was that even the CEO of the company, Lumos Helmet didn’t know or even had no prediction about the idea regarding the wounding up of their first product on Oprah’s favourite list.

Lumos Helmet confessed that he was petrified on questioning this thing.

Basically, Lumos Helmet makes a helmet with bright lights. on the front and big lighted flashing signals on the back for guiding the motorists. To have an idea regarding the moving direction. But now they have launched their first line of scooters and skateboarders. The most eye-catching the thing was “urban chick” helmet at the event.

Only, 10 companies were chosen to release their products at SXSW 2019 but they made their way among them. CEO of the company Revivor Auto pointed out the multiple uses of the license plate including replacing tags for toll roads. By the end of the year, the plates will be legalised in 10 states as expected.

The most incredible thing to be noted was the diversity presented by companies considered as the most remarkable thing at the event. A few years back, people used to complain about SXSW because it looked like a white frat boy convention. But after the conference, it was clear that Release It made a serious commitment to diversity.

In the judging panel, Todd Nuckols, Managing Director of Lighthouse Labs. Melissa Larson, Co-founder of Venn Ventures and many mote noted people being the M.D.s or Directors or Co-founders were found. So, the event laid a good foundation for SXSW to grow further.


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