Pete Davidson compares R. Kelly’s fans to Catholic church followers

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson appeared in the “Weekly Update” segment on Saturday night and he started it by calling R. Kelly, who was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abused a monster. He said that He just really go to jail. He compared the allegations to the child abuse scandal of the Catholic church.

He commented that if people support the Catholic church, it is the same thing as being R. Kelly’s fan as he added that the only difference is that one makes better music. This was received by the audiences with laughs and good.
Davidson then said that people struggle to stop listening to the music made by R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, both of them having a string of big hits but also been accused of pedophilia as it was detailed in the HBO documentary titled “Leaving Neverland”

He said that it is not an easy decision but joked that we do not know how good someone’s music is until we find that he is a pedophile. He added that people are upset because R. Kelly and Michael Jackson have made some great music. Had he found out that Macklemore did such similar stuff, he claimed he would be happy to clear up his space in his iPhone.
Davidson needed his appearance on the show by talking about his relationship with Kate Beckinsale, who is 20 years older than the comedian. He said, “apparently people have a crazy fascination with the age difference bit it doesn’t really bother us,” as he named some of the celebrities in relationships with similar age gaps.


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