Karen gillian close call from spilling up the avengers: End Game Plot

Karen Gillian

As the most awaited movie of 2019 is just 2 months away from its release, the anticipation to know its plot is increasing. Now the cast has to be more careful to stop themselves from giving the spoilers. Recently in a video uploaded by Jack Black’s Jablonski games YouTube channel, Karen Gillan was almost going to give the spoiler about the endgame.

In the game session of the show that is Crash Bandicoot when sitting with her Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle co-star, Gillan was tricked by Black. Finding that it was hard to concentrate on the game and questions both at the same time, Black tricked Gillen. Taking the advantage, he asked Gillian to explain the plot of Endgame.

Gillen engaged in the game starts her answer “So, basically.” And then she realizes what black is getting her in to. She then admits “You got me for a second”.
For now, the secrets will reveal on 26th April in theaters.


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