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First Lady Doubted Of A Body Double

Twitter users have started an argument that Melania Trump, in fact, uses a body double during her public engagement as they referred to a picture of the first lady and president Donald Trump in Alabama. They visited to meet the affected families of tornadoes in the area. Melanie Trump is also promoting her anti-bullying initiative “Be best” this week.
Twitter users found that Melania in the picture looked nothing like what she actually looks.
Users joked about it by coining terms like “rent-a-Melania” and this used joked that he has used it and it is the best.

Some users were rather shocked by this as some of them commented that the family is more bizarre than what they have thought it is.
Ms. Grisham told CNN that people are coming up with such stories instead of looking at what the first lady has been doing for the welfare of children.
She had a three-state visit of Oklahoma, Washington and Nevada to increase the profile of her project “Be best”

The project has three pillars namely well being if children, social media and online safety and opioid abuse.
She talked about drug abuse to the press at Las Vegas on Tuesday

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