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Felipe Massa’s conviction on turning his season around in The Formula E.

The erstwhile F1 star’s best completion last time out in Mexico City. Saw him score his initial setpoint since joining the reverent all-electric series.

However, the Brazilian star has never questioned himself in spite of battling and hustling on his return to the world of racing. Felipe Massa, 37, said: “To be honest, I was never slow. I trust I can be speedy and believe in myself to be aggressive enough”. “Unfortunately things happen, in the first two races we had technical problems – we were completely away.

“The last race another car pushed me in the wall. “And this race we were doing things in the right way and we had a human mistake. “I know I can be quick, I know I am can be consistent, I was always quick in my career. “I am learning for sure, and I am getting better but I’m sure I’m going to be quick. “The car is definitely growing. “What we did from the second race to the fourth was positive, so in Mexico we were competitive.”

Massa began third on the grid in the Mexico E-Prix, yet lost places on the first turn and put this down to a late parting from Nissan’s Oliver Rowland. The former Ferrari driver says the Brit could have finished his and the inevitable champ Lucas Di Grassi’s race.

Massa stated: “Corner one, Rowland… “To be honest everything went okay for him, but the breaking he had, he could have really destroyed the race of Di Grassi and my race as well.

“I moved to the left to avoid the contact and I lost a position because of that.

“Then Di Grassi pushed me to the left and then I waited and lost another position.

“So that was the problem at the start.”

He also added: “I heard the noise of his [Rowland’s] breaking, and I thought I need to break and wait because something might happen.”

This, not the first run where Massa’s car has conflicted with another driver after his Brazilian opponent Nelson Piquet Jnr marked him a “f***ing novice” in Marrakesh.

Piquet Jnr propelled a tirade of words towards his kindred compatriot after Massa got in his way amid in a training session.

Massa likewise impacted another adversary, Maximilian Gunther. And considered him a Formula 3 driver after the German cut a chicane on the opening lap in Chile.

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