Smart speakers are a wireless device that uses a virtual assistant to perform interactive actions based on human voice commands and hand free activations. From playing movies to listening to your favorite chartbusters, playing videos, having instant traffic updates, controlling smart home devices and ordering things online, you can do everything with smart speakers.

Currently, there are two smart speakers trending in the market- Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. While the former uses Google virtual assistant, the latter use Alexa as a virtual assistant. Both are great in terms of cost affordability and features. So, which one to go for? Let’s have a look into details.

  1. Design

Google Home Mini comes in a small attractive round pebble-like design supported by an insulated plastic dome. The top part of the device looks like a cloth covered surface that comes in attractive colors like- coral, aqua, chalk and charcoal colors. The lower insulated part of the device features a rounded power chord point, a mute button and a reset button at the back.

Amazon Echo Dot comes in a hockey-puck shaped broad speaker design and a little heave in weight. The top portion of the device houses four buttons with adjacent pin-sized microphone holes. The circumference of the speaker is wide and covered in a cloth-like material available in different colors like Charcoal, heather grey, and sandstone featuring a cylindrical socket with a DC plug point.

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Winner:- Google Home Mini

  1. Connectivity

In terms of Connectivity, both Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Point uses Bluetooth and Wifi for connectivity. While Google is more into software-based connected devices like different kinds of Smart TV, Computers, Laptops. It can also be integrated with Amazon Firestick to directly play movies and videos with voice control.

Amazon Echo point leads with one pint more due to its connectivity features with different kinds of smart home hardware devices like- Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips hue lighting, Smart locks, Smart power outlets and so on along with smart home software-based devices.

Winner:- Amazon Echo Point

  1. Sound Quality

Both the devices have blasting sound effect with their powerful microphones on. For the Google Home Mini, you need to say ‘Hey Google’ to wake up while for the Amazon Echo Dot you need to say ‘Alexa’ as the wakeup call.

If you observed the past records, Google Home performed way better than Amazon’s previous version of Echo point but this time things are different. The latest model of Amazon Echo Dot easily outruns the Google Home Mini with its 1.6 inches extra powerful speakers and a large drive to support 70 percent more powerful sound compared to its previous models.

Winner:- Amazon Echo Dot

  1. Ease of Operation

Both the devices are amazing in interpreting and working as per human commands but in terms of usability, Amazon Echo Dot leads again.

In Google Home Mini, you will find the mute button in the lower part of the device while the reset button is at back. The volume controls are touch sensitive.

In Amazon Echo Dot, all the buttons are present on the upper front of the device. So, you can easily increase, decrease volumes, or mute the microphone button anytime instantly.

Winner:- Amazon Echo Dot


Google Home Mini:- Rs. 4499

Amazon Echo Dot:- Rs. 3512

Winner:- Amazon Echo Dot

Final Words

Google Home Mini is an excellent device in terms of design, command picking abilities and software connectivity. But, if you are looking for an all in one solution and especially an amazing speaker, Amazon Echo Point is the winner.

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