Storm Freya Haunts Greater Manchester

greater manchester

It seems that Storm Freya is soon to take charge over Greater Manchester and maybe that’s the reason that a yellow weather warning has been published for very strong winds to blow tomorrow. These winds could cause serious injury as well as there is a danger to life and property due to flying debris.

The Met Office has cautioned regarding the same. According to the warning, this is going to take place between 3 pm on Sunday till 6 am on Monday. Drivers are advised to be extra cautious when they hit the roads as traveling will be surely affected. Certain roads and bridges will remain closed due to safety issues and power cuts will be a common sight. Not just these train services will also be compromised.

The winds are expected to catch the speed of around 40 to 50 mph during dawn. Expect wind speeds of around 40 to 50mph in Greater Manchester during the evening. This could result in the falling of trees and damage to building such as tiles blown from the roof. Before winds haunt Greater Manchester, heavy rains will hit from 11 am on Sunday and is going to last till 6 in the evening. The yellow weather warning is for most parts of England only parts of the southeast appear to be unaffected. People are requested to follow the drill and ensure their safety during this tough time




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