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Horizon Zero Dawn High On Sales 10 Million Copies Sold

Horizon Zero Dawn which was launched 2 years ago has now created a new record. Further, As it sets to cross the sale of over 10 million copies in the period of time.
Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst. Moreover, Shared some interesting fun facts about the game. And gave a hint about the possibility of new chapters to Aloy’s story.

He also celebrated the game anniversary in a blog post on PlayStation official and shared all the interesting facts and details about the game.
He added “To celebrate both milestones, I’d like to share something as well: a list of peculiar details from the development of Horizon Zero Dawn that you may not have heard about before. Some of the items on this list were born of necessity, others came about through serendipity — but each proved instrumental in shaping the game”.

And shared a whole list of items in a blog post check here:


Recently Horizon zero dawn collaborated with most trending game PUBG. For the skin materials and it’s only available for ps4. Users confirmed by the play station community itself.
Moreover, Playstation showed the collaboration through a video in which it clearly showed the masks skins of the Horizon zero dawn.
Watch the video here:

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