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Dan Bilzerian Gets Bored Of Parties And Girls So He Did This

It looks like Dan Bilzerian finally needs a distraction from his parties and promotions and finally. He moved to some gun action for time killing. It’s not about some real ammunition but he is paintballing in midnight.

It seems like he won the match as he clearly teased his friends for a competition. And he enjoyed it thoroughly

But recently he put himself in a controversial matter as he been alleged. To edit a picture of himself with Cardi-B. At his cannabis brand “ignite” promotional event. He pictured himself with pop star Cardi-B. But a moment of suspicion is developed when he edited the shot as he put ignite logo on the TV screen.

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They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib @ignite

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This is what he shared on his Instagram.

Whereas upload of Cardi-B is without the ignite logo now she took down this picture from the Internet. So Bilzerian got trolled over editing his picture. Whereas he didn’t remove the wet patch from his t-shirt.

He desperately wants his brand to be renowned. And did every possible effort for the outcome, whatever it takes.

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