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Drake just bought a rare Mercedes-Maybach G 650

Its look like Drake is in a car mood, which has made evident through his new purchased of a wild new car, the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet, this is an ultra-rare-vehicle of all time which only has 99 models that have been made according to the High Snobiety reports.

You will be surprised to know the car’s last model went for approx. $ 1.4 million at auction in 2017. So it’s obviously vibrant that this time Drake has dropped a pretty big bag amount on his latest investment.

The mob ties rapper has twanged down an estimated $600,000 for Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet, which consists of fitting with a number of luxury convertible features. the Landaulet is 22.75 inches long, providing profusely of room for a pair of rear captain’s seats that have heated massagers in it. Even the cup holders are capable of making drinks cool or warm. One of the key features for the privacy of the passenger is the glass partition which splits the driver and passenger. Altogether that can also become opaque just by pressing a button and is decked out. With high-end screens and stereo systems.

This amusing purchase is not the end, Drake is ready to add one more in his new cars collection! According to Driving Emotions’ Instagram, Drake might have also acquired a yellow Ferrari from tony. The image features an owl on the driver’s side mirror, in which Drake has been tagged in the photo.

So, what do think of Drake’s new investments?

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