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Alternative Accommodation Is A New Trend Of 2019: ‘Travelers Believe’

According to a report, most of the Indians are accepting the concept of alternative accommodation. Not just if they are getting advance and planning to select it this year. Most Indians believe that this notion is reasonably priced and gives the tourists a chance to explore the destinations more vividly. This more often helps them to discover and see the sights such as locals. According to a study done by booking.com, “when they inquired travelers about what type of accommodation, they are planning to prefer this year” A majority of about 68% of Indian travelers said, that they are looking forward to booking alternative accommodation in 2019 compared to the global average of 37% Alternative accommodation includes homestays, villas, apartments, farm-stays among others. The research was independently conducted by booking.com among a sample of 53,492 respondents across 31 markets.


The study revealed that travelers expressed their individuality and stated that alternate accommodation seems like a trendsetter. Which makes them different Further they added. Staying in a home- type accommodation helps them to see the local areas of a city or parts of a country at an affordable price, which otherwise they wouldn’t have able to discover. Booking.com country manager, India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, Ritu Mehrotra says, “Modern-day Indian travelers’ tastes are constantly evolving with the need to chase unique authenticate experiences. The trend is increasing. Moving towards alternative types of accommodations that fuel their curiosity. Immerse them in the local, and help them create travel memories,”

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