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WWE Celebrates Nature Boy Ric Flair’s Birthday & Return Of Batista

Nature Boy “Ric Flair” has it’s day today as he turns 70 today and of course, WWE universe can’t keep calm on this special day. As they wished him a very happy birthday on social platforms as he was also pumped up by lots of wishes.

It’s his birthday and without getting into the ring his birthday night is a total waste so he had a trip to Raw to celebrate his 70th birthday with fans and old friends where Shawn Michaels and Triple-H eagerly waiting for him.

But the dice is rolled the other way as they waited for the 16-time world champion to come upon the ring but instead of Flair, viewers got Batista beating the hell out of nature boy and dragging him out by the collar of his shirt.

The animal did this torture to flair for getting the attention of Triple-H. As their ongoing feud between them on a top notch. He also confessed that “Do I have your attention now?”.

So it’s a birthday to remember became birthday to forgot for nature boy. As he can’t cut the cake into pieces and a series of unfortunate events held upon the Monday Night Raw.

Flair has a remarkable career as he was 16-time world champion and won many other accolades in his entire career. His hall of fame intro was incredible with a lot of praise.

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