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Nolan Arenado Extended For 8 Years Becomes MLB’S Highest Paid Player

Good news for all the Nolan Arenado fans! According to numerous reports. Together with CBS Sports HQ’s Jim Bowden. Nolan Arenado who signifies the Rockies confirmed that he is going to stick with the Rockies. Plus he added he never wanted to go anywhere else. The Rockies and Arenado mutually settled to an eight-year contract extension of worth $260 million. Along with a deal which includes an opt-out clause after three years. Therefore, it means the deal starts with this season.


Arenado is just 27 years old, and soon he will be called as a “record breaker” because he will be receiving the highest annual salary of $32.5 million. In other words, he will be going to beat the record of Miguel Cabrera who per annum gets the cheque of $31 million for a position player He shared, his feeling and told USA TODAY Sports with all his dedication and love for the Rockies, he said, “it’s such a great place… “I really enjoy the fact there’s a comfortability here. You know the coaches. You know the players. Some of my best friends are on this team.” He added in terms of loyalty, “I grew up here in this organization, so it feels like home in a way.

I’ve been here since the tide has changed, and that’s a really good feeling… “I was part of that change” Arenado surely proved his trustworthiness for his team and he made it damn clear for everyone that he only desired to play and win the game in lieu of ROCKIES. While in his words he ended while saying. “You want to win in a place where you’ve been all of your life.” Arenado becomes a legend as he is the only player in history to sign a contract eclipsing $225 million. And remaining with the same team.

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